Saturday, January 21, 2017

Luke's 3rd Month

Firsts: laugh, kindermusk class, Christmas, New Years, “snow” aka ice storm, daddy was gone for a week for class

Mommy and Daddy’s Favorites: We love your sweet little laugh and when you talk to us. Mommy’s absolute favorite though is every morning when you wake up you are pretty content. The second I come to get you and we make eye contact you give me the BIGGEST smiles!! You will do this to Aubrey too and it is the sweetest because she gets so excited!

Milestones: smling, laughing, and cooing. You track people well and are starting to grasp objects and bring them to your mouth.

Measurements: You don’t have a check up this month so we don’t know your length, but someone gave us a baby scale!! You weighed 15.3 lbs!! Aubrey wasn’t even 15lbs yet at 6 months! You are filling out size 2 diapers. I’m concerned we will have to return MORE diapers hahaa…we finally swapped out all of the size 1’s we had left. And clothes you’re in 3-6 months, but can wear a few size 3 months.

Memorable moment: You laughed!! Oh my goodness this is one of the best sounds in the world. You are so happy first thing in the morning and I went to get you out and touched your face…you did this huge belly laugh! Daddy couldn’t believe it was you! Since then you’ve giggled several times, but not as big as that first time.

Challenges: two challenges this month…1: you’re still spitting up quite a bit. Some days we both get pretty soaked. I can’t tell if I need to up your Zantac or not because some days you do great. We use quite a bit of Mylicon drops and you still seem to have some tummy trouble. 2: You are still doing that thing where you cry so hard that you almost pass out. Lets be honest…it scares the crap out of us. Even Aubrey has started recognizing when you’re doing it and tells you to breathe. I told the doctor and she seems to think its not a big deal and that you’ll grow out of it. Apparently it is common. It honestly happens at least once a day and started right around your 2 month appointment. I am thankful you don’t really cry that much and that we can avoid it if we can keep you from getting worked up, but its times like right before bed when you’re really tired or when we put you in your car seat that it tends to happen. I hope this is something you grow out of quickly!

How we spend the day: You wake up for the day about 7:30. You can stay awake about an hour and a half or 2 hours before you get fussy and I can tell you need some sleep. You’re pretty good at just going with the flow and tagging along with whatever we are doing.

Feedings/Eating: You eat on demand. I try to do the eat, play, sleep, pattern, but honestly its mostly on demand and sometimes its easier to get you to go to sleep if I nurse you first.

Sleeping: During the day you mostly take short catnaps. Occasionally I can catch it right and will swaddle you and you’ll take a longer nap. I normally start getting you to go to sleep every hour and a half to two hours. At night you are doing amazing!! You pretty consistently sleep through the night. Sometimes you wake up at 6/6:30 and will go back to sleep for another hour or so. But considering you’re only 3 months old, you’re doing great!

Personality: You are a very chill and happy baby for the most part. Unless you are tired or hungry or your tummy hurts, you’re pretty happy and pleasant to be around. You love being around people and smile and “talk” all the time.

Likes: You love looking at people and always smile at them when they talk to you. You love your sisters and mommy and daddy. If we’ve been holding you for a while you like to lay on the ground and stretch out and kick around.
Dislikes: Being in your car seat if you’re awake and the car isn’t moving. You also get really fussy when you’re tired or if your tummy hurts.

Mobility: You are a champ at holding your head up now. When we hold you up right you like to look around. You don’t like tummy time and you spit up a ton so we don’t do it often. When we do its normally propped up on me somehow and you’re pretty good at holding your head up for a few seconds…then you get mad and cry.

Favorite toy: We got out the play mat with the piano you can kick and you seem to really like it. You started smiling really big the first time we put you under it. You kick your feet and have recently started smacking the things hanging down.

Upcoming Events: Charlotte’s birthday party

New Explorations: He has been getting better at grasping objects and bringing things to your mouth. You love slurping on your little hands.

Sounds, words, and communication: He has been squealing, squawking and “yelling” so much lately. He has got a loud little voice sometimes! He loves to “talk” to us and makes the sweetest little sounds.

Teeth: none…but he’s definitely been drooling a lot more lately

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